Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hello Nutrition Lovers/ Food Fanatics/ People Who Love to Read/ Everyone else,

I've been thinking about starting a blog for some time now and what better time is there to start than now?
I'll start out by telling you a little bit about myself.
-My name is Taylor
-I am a dietetics student at Central Michigan (Loving it!!)
-I am a server and have been working in restaurants for four years.
-I have a BIG family including 8 siblings and 3 dogs
-Living a Christian life is a very important thing to me
-I used to run cross country for four years and am in love with playing soccer
-Travelling is basically the best thing in the whole world

I am so excited to start this blog and I plan to incorporate what I am learning in the classroom as well as new materials I find in books, magazines, online articles, etc. and tell you exactly what my thoughts are on it. You may also see some random things that I just think are fun/interesting! Another goal of mine is to take well-known recipes and show you how to make modifications so that you can actually enjoy your favorite foods while not feeling guilty about it afterwards (because who REALLY wants to give up all of their favorite one!!). Basically, I hope that you learn as much information as you can through reading my blog because I know that I will be learning tons and having fun while creating it!