Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Coldstone Ice Cream

I just want to start out by saying that I cannot believe summer is already halfway over. I got to enjoy a little time off of work to go camping this week though and I noticed that there were ice cream shops literally on every corner of the town I was in. To be honest, I feel like it's very hard to find a healthy option at an ice cream shop when everything is chocolate covered and dipped in artificial flavorings. But to be fair, there are some ways to make sure that you are not making the worst choice ever whenever you go to these places. I'm a huge fan of the fro-yo shops, however I'm going to focus on Coldstone's ice cream today.

Coldstone used to be a HUGE deal when I was younger. My family never really went to it, but sometimes we would go to it for field trips (I went to a very small school, okay?) and that was one of the highlights I remember.

One of the things that makes this place stand out is that you start out with a plain ice cream and then you pick what goes inside. They fold it right into the ice cream for you so you could make an Orange-Cow-Superman-Moosetrack-Surprise if you really wanted to, however I would not recommend that myself.

So first, let's talk ice cream. There's regular ice cream, sorbet, shakes, hot stone, frozen yogurt, etc. I'm only going to compare ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. I'm going to assume that we all know what ice cream is, sorbet is like a frozen juice, and frozen yogurt is just like ice cream, but contains less milk fat than regular ice cream does. It is also made with a cultured milk rather than cream.

Fro-yo Chooser=Bigger Success
The major difference between these products is the fat content. Ice cream has lots of fat, frozen yogurt has none to some, and sorbet does not have any fat. It is important to watch how much sugar is in all of these desserts though! Sorbet actually has a lot more sugar than the other two products do. So, if it were up to me--I'd say go for the frozen yogurt because it has less fat and sugar and you are also getting extra points for dairy (which has lots of calcium!).

Fun Fact: Ice cream has to have at least 10% milk fat to be considered ice cream, but can have up to 16% milk fat.

Sorry--I couldn't resist :')
One thing to also watch when picking out your ice cream is the SIZE. Coldstone is known for oversizing their portions and seriously-- do not get a Gotta have it because you are having a craving, you will probably feel sick after eating that much. Even though the little dishes look small, they pile on the ice cream (at least they have every time I've gone).

The next part is the fun part--toppings! Now this could go either way. I could load up my ice cream with tons of kitkats and the oh so glorious reese's, however there is a better way to do this. Add some peanut butter, nuts or granola for some protein and add fresh fruit (not pie filling or canned) for some extra energy and flavor. If you are like me, and ice cream just doesn't feel right without a little chocolate, then I would ask for just a little bit of the hot fudge. The candy is empty calories just like the fudge, but the fudge is pretty low cal compared to the candies and it is also fat-free.


1. Look for color...NATURAL color. The more fruits and natural toppings you have--the better!

2. Even if you feel like you gotta have it...your body probably does not.

3. Flavors of ice cream don't really matter as much as what type of dessert you are picking along with the kinds of toppings you get. Be smart about what you are putting into your body and don't let the labels fool you. (:

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